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Meet Shadow! The newest member of the Dog Guard family!

When you are trying to decide the safest way to let your dog run, you should turn to Dog Guard!

Having a Dog Guard fence gives your dog the freedom to run, and you have the system to keep your dog in your own yard.

Never run around your neighborhood again looking for your dog!


Hi Dog Fence Shoppers:


We could not be more pleased with the professionalism and personal attention provided by Mike and his team.  Mike was accommodating and flexible in his schedule, explained the system in detail, and provided solutions to meet our specific needs.  I would certainly recommend Mike and Dog Guard to anyone in the Central Indiana area looking for an electric fence solution for their beloved pet!  Thanks again Mike

-Karen and Edie



I’d like to thank you for all you’ve done to get my Dog Guard installed.

The entire process could not have gone more smooth. Your responsiveness
and quick installation scheduling made for quite a simple process. The
equipment has worked flawlessly and I appreciate your regular follow-ups.
It shows you truly do care about your customers. Thanks again.

Jason, Avon IN



min pinI wanted to drop you a quick email thanking you for our Dog Guard underground fence.   We have been completely satisfied with your support and service as well as the performance of the product.  I was most impressed that installation was complete about a week after I first contacted you.  I greatly appreciate the training support as well as the proactive followup “after the sale”.

I’d gladly recommend Dog Guard to other potential customers.

Thanks and Regards,

lab dogguard dogsI want to thank you for the effort you expended in locating the break in my Dog Guard fence that you installed on my property years ago. When you found it, the splice was obviously one that someone else had made in my boundary wire (we have buried phone and electric and phone problem corrections probably caused that failure and improper splice). Your support for the systems you install is what I had hoped for when I chose Dog Guard over other systems available. Your support deserves ‘Rave Ratings’.

As I told you at the time you installed my system many years ago, if I had your system in place when I moved to the ‘country’ (where my city dogs had room to wander) I would have not lost two beautiful, four leg friends….

With our large lot and house well back from the road, I didn’t think that I needed to control my pets…. they’d be sure to stay by the house. For a time, they did stay close to the house, but the lure of nature lead them to untimely deaths. When they were lost, I had you install your system and since then my dogs have been totally safe. They stay close to the house without leads, tethers, or constant vigilance on our parts. I am, for the first time in my life, able to turn my pets loose and not worry about rabbits, cars, or sexual distractions luring them away from their defined grounds to be lost, injured, or killed.

For many years I have been a dog obedience trainer for several organizations in the Indianapolis area. In my first lesson, which is a lecture, I always discuss pet safety and stress the value of the buried wire dog fence. With the service you have always provided me, I always recommend that my students contact Dog Guard!

Thanks again for your help.
David A. of Greenwood

Dog Fences IndyRemember me? Lucy? I was a little girl when you put my fence in. Now I’m big. I weigh 72 pounds!! Since you changed my collar, I have never went out of my yard. Heck, when my mom is outside I don’t wear it!! I know my boundaries. My mom says I’m the bestest dog in the world!! Stop by and see me sometime.

Your dog friend,

This letter is to let you know how well our Dog Guard system is working. Our miniature daschund has been doing very well staying in our yard. She knows the boundaries and has been easy to train. It is so nice to know that we don’t have to worry about her getting out of the yard and onto our busy road. We have also enjoyed being included in your battery program. It’s nice to not have to worry about forgetting to replace a battery since you remember for us!

We have been very pleased with our Dog Guard system and have recommended your service to many of our friends. Keep up the good work!

Leigh H. of Whiteland

We wanted to drop you a line, to tell you how happy we are with our Dog Guard fence. After we have had several of our pets ran over in our own drive way, 1/2 mile off our main road, we new it was time to do something about it, and we didn’t want to look at or maintain a fence, so we called you. Now we can relax and not have to worry anymore, your system has been great!!! It has been holding our five dogs that are from 7lbs to 60lbs easy. This was well worth the money spent!!!!

Thanks Indydogguard.
Scott Thomas


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